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Exclusive C&K provides our clients with the highest quality Cleaning Services with 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry throughout London, always obtaining the best-clean results.

These are some satisfied customers from our extensive portfolio.



Partridges London

The original Partridges was opened on 25th May 1972 by Sir Richard Shepherd in the fashionable area of Sloane Street in Chelsea, and quickly gained a reputation for selling the best quality foods from British producers and importing food and wines from all over the world.


Shepherd Foods

Shepherd Foods is located in Primrose Hill, on the way to Regent's Park, with access to over 2000 Co-op product lines and, of course, all the best branded favourites. It is a supermarket which offers local produce, wine, organic and many other products, so there is always a great reason to come back to Shepherd Foods in London at 59-61 Regents Park Rd.



Motcombs Belgravia

Motcombs first opening its doors in 1982 by the then manager of Scott's restaurant of Mount Street, Motcombs established its prestigious reputation among Belgravia diners. It's a historic restaurant where the walls and eclectic works of art tell a story of many a fond and merry occasion, where young and old, actors and politicians all come together and celebrate each other's company.



At Homestead we will be a welcoming hub for the local Island community. Passionate about providing a simple route for small artisanal suppliers for small artisanal suppliers to share their incredible produce. Homestead is a place to come together, enjoy a drink or simple yet luxurious food, all sourced ethically from our very special British farmers and producers.

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